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Medela ® Pump in Style™ vs Ameda ® Purely Yours™ Breastpumps

"What are the differences between the Medela ®f Pump In Style™ Line of breast pumps and the Ameda ® Purely Yours™ line of automatic breast pumps?"

Both are double breast pumps that let you express milk from both breasts at the same time. Both lines mimic the baby's natural sucking action. Both lines are simple to use. Either can be run by AC or by battery. And they're both "professional-grade" automatic breastpumps. However, there are important

differences between Ameda and Medela, outlined below:

  • The Ameda Purely Yours ™ breast pump with Carry All: a reliable and professional grade breast pump complete with designer Carry All bag.
    Ameda Purely Yours with Carry All (#17077)
    Only $199.95!

    Compare to Medela Pump In Style Original at $249.50!
    Cleaner - Ameda is the only breast pump manufacturer that has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to claim that their patented pumping system keeps collected breast milk protected from potential contaminants (viruses, bacteria) that may be present in the pump and/or kit tubing. In addition, the Ameda pumping system keeps contaminants in the environment - even cigarette smoke - from coming into contact with the expressed breast milk.
  • Weighs Less - The Medela ® Pump In Style™ weighs over seven pounds. By contrast, the Ameda ® Purely Yours™ speed and suction control for is controlled by a computer chip - so the motor weighs less than one pound.
  • Simpler Clean Up - The patented Ameda pumping system keeps out contaminants. Because of the Ameda design, no breastmilk ever backflows up the plastic suction tube. That means the plastic suction tube (a difficult piece of equipment to sterilize and dry) does not require any cleaning whatsoever. Cleaning the Medela ® Pump In Style™ breastpumps, however means having the user boil all parts that come in contact with the breast or breastmilk before each use, including the plastic tubing.
  • Better Value - The Medela ® Original™ Pump In Style™ sells for $249.50. The Ameda Purely Yours with Tote® is just $199.95. The Medela ® Pump In Style™ Advanced™ is $299.95 , with the microfiber backpack the ® Pump In Style™ Advanced™ is $299.95, while the Ameda Purely Yours Backpack® is just $229.95.


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All breast pumps are BRAND NEW and come in the manufacturer's factory sealed box

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