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Baby Bjorn Products: Italian Crafted Cribs & Changing Tables - FREE ShippingBaby Bjorn Products: cribs and changing tables crafted in Italy - FREE shipping!

Baby Bjorn Active Infant Carrier

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
Price: $99.95

Optional Baby Bjorn Diaper Bag Dynamic, Add $95


Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.


Optional Baby Bjorn Products:

aby Bjorn Changing Backpack Active
Baby Bjorn Changing Backpack Active
Price $68

Baby Bjorn Changing Backpack Active is a new diaper backpack to match Baby Bjorn's popular Active Baby Carrier in both color and design. With two separate compartments: one for baby food and one for diapers and clothing plus practical net pockets inside the backpack hold baby’s plate, spoon. Includes a large, soft changing pad for easy diaper changes.
Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 Activity Bouncer
Baby Bjorn Diaper Bag Dynamic

With three bags in one, the Baby Bjorn Diaper Bag Dynamic has everything a parent needs. The attractive modern design has plenty of compartments and can be converted into a backpack in seconds.
Baby Bjorn Carrier Cover
Baby Bjorn Carrier Cover
Price $38

The Baby Bjorn Baby Infant Carrier Cover keeps baby warm and dry. The Baby Bjorn Cover is made of a soft, breathable fleece fabric that is water and wind resistant. In black or blue

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
026163US - BabyBjorn Active Carrier in Sporty Blue above

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
026167US - BabyBjorn Active Carrier in Blue above

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
026168US - Active Carrier in NEW Sporty Green

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(48 US States Only)

Baby Bjorn is the name that leaps to mind when you think about a front infant carrier. And for good reason - this is a superior front pack backed by 25 years of experience in the market.

New from Baby Bjorn, the Active Carrier has the same excellent features as the company's other bestselling carriers plus extra back support for you, and a roomier fit for your baby. It actually includes two pieces, the carrier plus a padded back harness, which helps prevent forward slouching and makes carrying your baby for long distances or periods of time much more comfortable. The carrier clips easily onto the harness, and all the adjustments are still made in front, quickly and easily. The Active Carrier is also slightly longer than Baby Bjorn's other carriers, offering a little more room for your baby.

The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier lets you stay active and keep your newborn close to you where he'll feel safe, warm and happy. Your newborn rides in the Active carrier facing you. Adjustable head support keeps his head and neck stable. Leg straps reduce the size of leg openings (they should always be used for babies under ten pounds). Once your baby is able to hold his head up on his own, he is ready to be forward facing (just fold the neck support down).

The Active infant carrier adjusts to fit your child up to 25 lbs (about 2 1/2 years). Suggested modifications based on weight and height are enclosed with the Carrier. The Active carrier is easy to adjust on your own - handy when its just you and the kid. Color coded latches simplify putting on and taking off the carrier. Another perk is that you can easily move a sleeping child from carrier to crib without disturbing her. The Baby Bjorn Active carrier's design makes it easy to assemble, to adjust, and to wear.

Differences between the Baby Bjorn Original and the Active baby carriers:

  • Support - The Active carrier is designed with better lumbar support - while the BabyBjorn Original carrier isn't at all uncomfortable, the Active is especially easy to wear
  • Sizing - The Baby Bjorn Original carrier comes with "Regular" sized straps. The straps that come standard on the Active are fully adjustable and will fit taller / bigger parents.
  • Color options - With the Active carrier , you can choose among Light Blue, Sporty Blue with silver trim or Sporty Black with red trim - the Baby Bjorn Original there are nine color options.
  • Intended Use - The Baby Bjorn Active baby carrier is designed for parents who wear their carrier frequently and for extended periods of time where the extra back support and added comfort come in handy.


  • Front carrier accommodates both forward and rear facing child
  • Adjustable seat height for growing babies
  • Safe and snug head support for newborns
  • Adjustable buckle accommodates growing child
  • Padded straps and lumbar support for parent's comfort
  • Opens easily to load and unload baby
  • Leg straps reduce leg-hole opening for smaller newborns
  • Two safety tabs - just in case!
  • Keeps your hands free and your baby close and secure
  • Holds your baby upright, providing back and neck support
  • New extra back support directs your baby's weight away from your shoulders
  • Can be worn as early as your baby's first week
  • Young babies can face parent, older babies can face outward
  • Extra-roomy fit for your baby
  • Seat adjusts as your baby grows
  • Support harness fits like a vest, with padded straps and lower back support
  • Extra back support directs your baby's weight away from your shoulders
  • All adjustments from front, to fit different-sized parents
  • 100% machine washable cotton
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty


Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
026165US - Active Carrier in Black-Silver above

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
026166US - BabyBjorn Active Carrier in Dark Blue/Blue above

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

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