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Ugly Dolls
Cuddle up with an Ugly Doll and make a new friend who's look is as... unique as their personalities! Ugly Dolls have taken the world by storm in just a few short years. Wage here started the whole thing as a doodle the creator made for his lady love. Now Wage and the rest of the Ugly Dolls are on the shelves of the best toy stores and designer collectible stores all around the globe.
Dolls Doll and Doll Houses
Ugly Dolls 51201 Little Deer Ugly Ugly Doll
Dolls 51201 Little Deer Ugly Ugly Doll

Price : $9.95
Deer Ugly the Ugly Doll lives in the forest where it's nice and quiet. Yeah but deep down, he's thinking: "Please take me home with you!" The nice quiet forest is great, but Deer Ugly the Uglydoll wants to see the world...YOUR world! He wants to explore t

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