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KidzMed The Latest Innovations In Child Safety Products KidzMed The Latest Innovations In Child Safety Products
Dr. Christopher F. Tirotta, MBA, board certified pediatric clinician and anesthesiologist, and advocate on children’s health and safety matters, founded Kidz-Med, Inc. in 1993 to create and sell educational books and videos for children on various health-related matters. He created and produced the widely acclaimed pre-operative video, “A Hospital Trip with Dr. Bip,” to explain to youngsters what to expect when they go to the hospital for surgery as well as “Dr. Bip’s New Baby Tips,” a video designed to explain to young children what to expect when their mom brings home a new baby - both videos sold thousands of copies across the English-speaking world and have now been brought back in to distribution via Kidzmed.com.
Baby Health Nursery
KidzMed 5005 Medicine Dispenser
5005 Medicine Dispenser

Price : $2.99
Finally, it's easy to administer an accurate dose of medicine - even to finicky infants and toddlers!

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