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Nasal Aspirator - BabyComfynose - Free Shipping Nasal Aspirator - BabyComfynose - Free Shipping
The BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator uses your own suction to remove mucus from your baby’s nose. Before you say ‘Yuck’, the patented design of the aspirator and the tissue filtration system eliminate any possibility of contact with mucus and germs. Household tissue wadded up and inserted into the body of the aspirator functions as a highly effective and super-absorbent filter. Simply throw away the tissue when you are done and toss the entire unit into the dishwasher. Put all the pieces, unassembled, into the nylon mesh bag for drying. More about BabyComfyNose...
Nasal Aspirator Health
BabyComfynose - Nasal Aspirator in Blue
- Nasal Aspirator in Blue

Price : $14.95
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PARENT-POWERED SUCTION provides astonishingly effective mucus removal for your child's congested nose. The patented tissue filtration system is superior to foam rubber filters - and no filters to buy! The nylon mesh drawstring pouch allows the aspirator to hygienically dry after washing. VERY IMPORTANT - Do not use air-tight plastic containers for storage as this creates conditions for harmful viral and bacterial growth.

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